Farm Services


    Linden Manor has complete facilities for providing horse boarding, lay-ups and pregnancy for $20.00 per day. The farm manager who lives on the property has over 20 years experience in providing care for these horses. She has successfully cared for and managed this farm since the beginning.


    Pinhooking is a term that describes the practice of buying horses at auction, overseeing and training, and one year later bringing them back to the auction ring to sell again. Linden Manor forms a limited liability company and purchases horse(s) at auction. Shares are sold to investors which include the following expenses: boarding, medical, transportation, life insurance, ferrier, purchasing commission, entry fees and sales preparation. Major medical and sales commissions are deducted from profits. When the horse is sold the profits are paid to the investors depending upon the sales price and number of shares owned. All horses are boarded on Linden Manor Farm and cared for by the Farm Manager. The syndicate manager is responsible for purchasing, boarding, care, auctions sales strategies for the horses. The investor is responsible for investing their money for one year with a potential of a high return within one year. These syndicates provide a low risk entrance into the Thoroughbred horse business.


    Linden Manor is experience in the preparation of horses for the auction ring. Sales preparation begins one and a half months before he auction. It includes intense grooming and treating blemishes to the hair and coat, training of the mains and tails, and hand walking the yearlings aggressively to develop muscle tone as well as teaching the yearling to stand squarely. Linden Manor provides the proper diet, exercise and medical care for all yearlings.


    Linden Manor offers partnerships for racing and breeding thoroughbred horses. As the names imply a racing partnership owns a horse with the intent to race and a breeding partnership is to breed a mare. All of these partnerships can be combined with different circumstances, for example if a partnership owns a mare for racing, when the mare retires she can be bred. The foal can then be sold or raised for homebred racing. Forming these partnerships is quite simple with Linden Manorís experience and expertise.

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